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About Krutino The Coffee Blog


Hello, my name is Pratik Purohit, the Author of Krutino. I am a Web Developer by profession, and I love coffee. I popped into existence in Mumbai, India, and I still stay there. I work in a Gaming firm, making Websites and Web applications. Coffee is life at the workplace as well lol.

What Does Krutino Mean?

The name of this blog comes from my friend’s name who is always jumping around and is filled with energy. Her name is Krutika and the word ’Tino’ means tiny or small, so it is a tiny version of her. Originally, she is a Commercial Artist and created a product based resume and named it Krutino. I liked it so much that I named my blog Krutino.

I started drinking coffee daily when I was in my last year of college. I used to mostly drink instant or all in one mix but then one fine day I ordered a pack of grinned beans. The grind size was perfect for a Strainer (channi). As I am new at this, I do not want to invest in any equipment yet but even this simple brewing method changed the concept of coffee for me. The taste, the aroma, the texture, everything. Before this, I used to think Nescafe was strong LOL.

I am still new and this experience of mine is still fresh and there are so many varieties, companies, and other attributes for choosing a coffee. So, I was pretty much confused by that. I guess all beginners do get it not sure yet. So, I read and read about coffee.

The only conclusion I came to is that every coffee, every grind, every company has its taste. It’s just a matter for us to find our sweet spot. So, I decided I will try them all and enjoy the high of coffee but then the thought came to my mind. Why not make it a bit easy for others as well especially in India. Hence, I am starting this blog in the hopes of creating new coffee lovers as friends. This is going to be a new experience and hopefully a wonderful journey that I am starting by trying all the types, grinds, brewing methods for coffee.

What will Krutino do

Krutino is a blog for coffee lovers. It will review, teach the brewing method, and give information about coffee.
I hope you will be along with me on this journey. If I make any mistake, please let me know, and if you like it, please do share it.
Remember, your view and reviews are always welcome.