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Types of Coffee Beans

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Hello there, Welcome to Krutino. Today, we will talk about the types of coffee beans. The type of beans are very important. It should be according to your taste and satisfaction. 

You may have heard a lot about the name Arabica coffee well that’s not a brew type, it’s a bean. Tho Arabic is the most famous coffee in the world currently. There are 3 other major types of coffee as well that are cultivated for commercial coffee consumption. Rest there are 25 major types of coffee cultivars.

The majority of 3 types of coffee that are cultivated for commercial use are Arabica, Robusta, Liberica. Let’s know more in detail about these 4 first.

The Types of Coffee are:



Arabica type makes 60% of the commercial market of the world and it is the most commonly cultivated coffee but it is expensive because it needs more care and attention. The first written record of coffee made from roasted coffee beans (botanical seeds) comes from Arab scholars, who wrote that it was useful in prolonging their working hours. The Arab innovation in Yemen of making a brew from roasted beans spread first among the Egyptians and Turks, and later on, found its way around the world.

The Smell

Till the beans are unroasted it smells like a blueberry but the roasted smell is perfumey and has notes of fruit and sugar tones can also be smelled.

The Taste

Arabica coffee’s taste is mild and less earthy and bitter. The taste also contains notes of nuts and fruits.


Robusta makes 27% of the world market. It is way high on caffeine and low on acidity. It has 60% fewer lipids than arabica. Robusta is easy to grow. Hence, it is cheaper than arabica. Most Robusta coffees are cultivated in central and western Africa, and parts of Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Vietnam, and Brazil.

The Smell

Till the beans are not roasted it smells like raw-peanutty. When roasted it has a more rich and robust scent. Its smells earthy

The Taste

As the smell robusta tastes earthy and strong and oaky. It has a greater mouth feel hence preferred in making espresso.


Coffea liberica Bull. ex Hiern. This coffee is mainly cultivated in Malaysia, Liberia, and the Ivory Coast, making up about 3% of the world coffee bean market. I have never tasted or smelled Liberica yet but will soon and update this post accordingly.

From what I have read and heard

The smell

The Liberica is said to have an aroma of floral and fruity.

The taste

It is said it has a woody taste.

There are more cultivars of coffee primarily diverted from Arabica and Robusta. 

Below is a periodic table of coffee. Hope you find it helpful.

We conclude this article with a fine knowledge of kinds of coffee and the smell and taste of its top 3 varieties. Rather it is any coffee it will always be your refreshment buddy


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